The Firm

8G Capital Partners was established in 2007 with a mission of putting our clients’ real estate assets to work

Today it has principal and advisory activities in Europe, Asia and Africa

Our mission is to create long-term value through advising and investing in direct and indirect real estate.

With offices in London, Nicosia, Istanbul and Hong Kong, we focus on south-eastern Europe (mainly Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Ukraine), the Gulf Coast countries (mainly the United Arab Emirates) as well as Asia (China, Hong Kong) and Eastern Africa.

Hong Kong

Our all-round team, comprising property and finance skills

Our all-round team, comprising property and finance skills, have advised on all property sectors both at the asset and corporate level and will partner with other local and industry experts to provide the best results.

We have managed real estate as principals over the last three cycles in both developed and emerging markets, where we operated from a first loss position