Change the way we own, transact, use and manage real estate

PropTech (or Property Technology) is the application of technologically innovative products or new business models that change the way we own, transact, use and manage real estate

Through our subsidiary 8Gi, we invest in and partner with technology solution providers. The real estate industry is being ‘disrupted’ and we aim to be part of it.

8Gi’s first endeavor is a Joint Venture with:


LEVERTON platform is a powerful tool to efficiently manage corporate documents and the data within. Our AI-based, Deep Learning algorithms automatically extract relevant information out of documents and, thus, enable easy access to structured data. The link to the original PDF data source is always kept, allowing for easy auditability. Simply upload your documents into our platform, have our AI algorithms extract the relevant information, review the extracted data and access a structured data repository with our Explore application. Our Integrator enables seamless data integration to various target systems, such as SAP, MRI, Amana, and many others.